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Search Terms That Find Your Business

When a person searches for a specific product or service does your website show up? While websites are great for information they are usually too diverse to appear in certain search results. By concentrating on a single product we create and optimise a dedicated landing page that matches the search term, resulting in more conversions while also giving customers exactly what they searched for.

1. Search Term Research

To tap into the most relevant search engine traffic, we identify the most frequently used search term for your product. We implement this search term into the building blocks of your new search term page.


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2. Domain Name to Match your Search Term Page

After establishing the most efficient search term for your product we swiftly register a domain name that matches, giving your page a unique URL address that’s search engine friendly and easily found on Google:

www. .com

Search Term Pages
Search Term Pages

3. Pages Designed to Generate Leads

Visitors to your new search term page are greeted with a modern/engaging experience, that showcases exactly what they are searching for, with zero distractions. Call to action buttons are strategically places to prompt users to make contact by phone or email. 

  • Domain name (Search engine friendly)
  • Responsive design (mobile ready)
  • Graphics and imagery
  • Text content
  • Call to action buttons
  • Online forms
  • Motion effects
  • Links back to main website (if needed)

We can source core information from your website or social media pages. If you are also in need of a website we can also help! click here.

Search Term Pages Do SEO

4. Organic Search Engine Optimised

SEO is implemented into every fiber of the process, using a variety of different techniques behind the scenes. Focusing primarily on the designated search term allows us to laser focus all resources in the right direction. Resulting in higher exposure for your product. 

Ongoing – When all internal SEO is implemented and your page is live we initiate search console, to monitor performance going forward. All necessary changes and updates are made to continue improving results. These include but are not limited to:

Having original content that correlates with your product is the most important factor in gaining search engine superiority. Search engines such as Google will only rank pages that satisfy the users intent. 

Link building is a process that involves getting other websites to link back to your page in order to improve search engine performance. 

Google has been using page speed as a ranking factor since 2010, so we follow a strict procedure that involves image compression and code minifying to ensure pages fully load at optimal levels.

5. Google Ads Booster

Google Ads is used to ensure your page is ranked on the first page from the get go, and remains in place until organic search results kick into place. 

6. Tracking Your Search Term Pages Success!

We implement Google analytics into your page so you can see how many users have the pleasure of visiting your page.

Search Term Pages

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