What is a Search Term?

A search term is a single word or multitude of words that a user inputs into a search engine field. The search engine goes to work and compiles a list of the most relevant web pages for the user. 

What's a Search Term Page?

A search term page is a standalone web page, that is optimised for a predefined search term. The search term page has a high probability of ranking and getting more traffic due to it being exactly what the user searched for. Unlike a typically website, which would have many goals that encourage exploration, search term pages are built with a single focus or intent. Businesses can benefit from this technique by getting more exposure for a particular product or service. 

search term website
A regular website displaying everything and anything, while the search term page focuses on the requested product.

When will my page be ready?

You will receive a draft of your fully completed search term page within 48hs after you sign up. The page goes live once your happy with the overall format. 

Can i make changes to my page?

You can make changes anytime you want through your dashboard which will be provided to you when your page is live, although it is not recommended to change written text too often, because every word will have been optimised for search ranking. You can also send us an edit request and we’ll take care of it for no extra cost.

Can i tell how well my page is performing?

Of course you can! In your dashboard you will find the analytics section where you can see how many people visit your page, what devices they were using and what search engine they used to find you.